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License No

B 0238/MUM/PART/1000+/5/2030/1986

Date of Issue

06 – 08 – 1986

Valid Upto

05 – 08 – 2017





We have an extremely good facility for systematically conducting of large interviews for highly qualified professionals, skilled, semi skilled and labour categories.

These interviews include written and trade tests. Our interviews are conducted in our office Bombay, Calicut and throughout our associated office in India.

We have the resources available to take on a specific project or a whole recruitment function. Whatever your company’s size stage of development, we can assist you in assignments at all levels from semi- skilled to skilled workforce.

Our Responsibilities

  1. To release advertisements in leading Indian Newspapers which have a wide circulation in the areas from where the maximum number of candidates suited for the required job can be located.
  2. To screen, sort out and shortlist applicants in accordance with pre-qualifying criteria laid down by your organization.
  3. Through many years of advertising we have a rich data bank of highly qualifies candidates, we refer to this rich data to help our clients fulfill their requirements.
  4. To correspond with clients if resumes not readily available for advertisement, obtain Sanction with rates and ad format layout or inform necessary advertisement being released.
  5. To arrange and conduct Trade tests/ Interviews for certain categories as may be required by your organization at a suitable Technical Institute/ Workshops and Trade test Centers.
  6. To provide the recruitment team of your organization with complete secretarial Assistance and all other facilities such as Fax, Typing , Computer, Arabic Typing,Arabic Translation, transportation and many other support services which may be required for the success of your mission.
  7. To make all administrative arrangements concerning the interviews of candidates.
  8. To carry out such other function which are necessary to streamline selection activities.
  9. To supply you with the fully computerized data of those candidates, who will respond to our advertisement, which will make the process of selection much easier.
  10. Complete Visa processing formalities such as Medical/ Certificate attestation/ obtain emigration and stamping of visa on passport as per embassy formalities.
  11. Clear the candidates with all relevant information of the client and the country, work environment etc.

Follow Up Responsibilities

To assist selected personnel in obtaining passport, effect profession change, extend passport validity , visas, immigration clearance, airline reservations, Authentication of Documents from Indian Govt. Ministries, Arabic translation of the certificates of technical staff and other formalities as required for deployment of the selected personnel.

  • To arrange medical examination of the selected candidates by Doctors on the panel appointed by respective Consulates/ Embassies in Mumbai or any city in India.
  • To translate to Arabic any certificate or documents of candidates required and attest the same from Government of India and respective Consulate/ Embassy.
  • To organize the airline reservation for the selected candidates and inform our principals about their date of arrival, flight number and time. Our airport representative will assist the selected personnel till they actually embark on the aircraft.
  • To maintain records of all personnel deployed to the clients.
  • To brief the selected personnel about the customs, traditions and laws of the respective countries.
  • To interface with the selected personnel and their families in India on the event of any emergencies.
  • We provide working uniforms with the name of the company and its logo. If our client request us to do so (Payment for same at actual)
  • In case we are entrusted with the selection of personnel on behalf of the client and such personnel prove unsatisfactory during the probation period we will be responsible for the cost of the return ticket (Economy Class) for their repatriation to India.

Work Procedure

To ensure smooth selection and deployment.

  1. Communicate with client and offer services.
  2. On receipt of enquiry/correspondence, to open customer file with code.
  3. Acknowledge inquiry and subsequent correspondence.
  4. Compile resumes of categories mentioned in the inquiry from Data Bank, scrutinize and send.
  5. To correspond with clients if resumes not readily available for advertisement, obtain sanction with rates and ad format layout or inform necessary advertisement being released.
  6. To obtain approval of advertisement or release ads in appropriate newspapers.
  7. Compile resumes from local advertisements, scrutinize and forward to client.
  8. Forward specimen of Power of Attorney, Demand Letter, License copy to client for obtaining same, duly attested by Foreign Affairs Ministry and client’s Chamber of Commerce.
  9. Forward advertisement bills if recoverable.
  10. Obtain names of short- listed candidates with detailed employment offer and other terms.
  11. Get approval of candidates to job offer and obtain passport.
  12. Mobilize candidates for interviews as per interview schedule by the employer.
  13. A minimum time period of at least 10 days required to mobilize the candidates.
  14. Screen the candidates for preliminary interview by Consultants/ Clients representative on following criteria, wherever necessary
    • General Appearance
    • Communication Skill
    • Technical SkillExperience
    • Working Knowledge
    • Proficiency Test, Trade Test Wherever necessary
    • Overseas experience / driving license
  15. Short listed / Selected candidates to be advised of selection and obtain passport.
  16. To advise selected candidates to be medically fit and obtain Medical Fitness Report.
  17. Forward Medical Report, Passport Copies, Photos to client for visa process.